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import socket
from threading import Lock
from __about__ import __version__, __title__, __description__

__all__ = ['__version__', '__title__', '__description__',

[docs]class SubdomainDispatcher(object): """ A WSGI application that gets or creates other WSGI applications based on the subdomain. Adapted from: :param create_application: A function that accepts 'subdomain' as a keyword argument and returns a WSGI application. Subdomain will be either an empty string for the bare domain, `None` if the request is for an IP address, or a full subdomain (e.g. 'www' or 'en.dl') """ def __init__(self, create_application): self.create_application = create_application self.lock = Lock() self.instances = {}
[docs] def __call__(self, environ, start_response): """ WSGI application interface :param environ: WSGI environ :param start_response: WSGI start_response """ app = self.get_application(environ) return app(environ, start_response)
[docs] def get_application(self, environ): """ Retrieve an application for a wsgi environ :param environ: The environ object sent by wsgi to an application """ host = self._get_host(environ) subdomain = self._extract_subdomain(host) return self._get_application(subdomain)
def _get_application(self, subdomain): """ Return a WSGI application for subdomain. The subdomain is passed to the create_application constructor as a keyword argument. :param subdomain: Subdomain to get or create an application with """ with self.lock: app = self.instances.get(subdomain) if app is None: app = self.create_application(subdomain=subdomain) self.instances[subdomain] = app return app @staticmethod def _extract_subdomain(host): """ Returns a subdomain from a host. This host is typically the HTTP_HOST request envvar. If the host is an IP address, `None` is returned :param host: Request's target host """ host = host.split(':')[0] # If the host is an IP address, there is no subdomain to extract try: # Check if the host is an ip address socket.inet_aton(host) except socket.error: # It isn't an IP address, return the subdomain return '.'.join(host.split('.')[:-2]) @staticmethod def _get_host(environ): """ Returns the true host from the request's environ. :param environ: environ variable passed to a wsgi app by wsgi """ # HTTP_HOST is preferred to SERVER_NAME, but only SERVER_NAME is # guaranteed to exist return environ.get('HTTP_HOST', environ['SERVER_NAME'])

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